Handmade in Germany

An elaborated technique and a clean workmanship allow us to create long-lasting and valuable jewelry
only out of waxed threads and carefully selected semi-precious stones without the aid of glue
or any other irritating material.

We hope that our love for detail stands out in a time of mass-production and that this passion
is reflected in our jewelry and makes it more than just the sum of its parts - a unique and loved piece
for the ones wearing it.

the designer - Linda de Simone

After her Design studies at the U5 in Munich, where she graduated with „magna cum laude“ in 2005,

Linda de Simone worked for various years as a communication designer for companies in Germany.

While on a photo-shoot in South America she got in touch with the macrame technique and was

instantly artistically drawn to it. This technique permitted what she was missing working with gold

and silver - the integration of color.

In combining this traditional technique with contrasting, vivid colors and contemporary shapes,

Linda de Simone creates unique jewelry in between casual and glamorous complemented with

semi-precious stones which make every piece a single-item.

the material

For the production of our jewelry, we are using only long-lasting, high-quality materials

to guarantee a light and comfortable feeling on your skin.

The water-resistance is important to us because we want you to be able to wear your items everywhere

you like, even on the beach or under the shower without having to fear that colors are fading or rubbing off on other materials.

benefit from the properties of our precious stones whilst wearing your bracelet or necklace.

Have a look at our zodiac sheet to see what stone corresponds to you.

Zodiac gem stones